Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Hand In Requirements

Tuesday Group - 15th May between 2-3pm only, Upstairs in the DAC
Friday Group - 18th May between 10-11am only, Upstairs in the DAC

  1. Learning Report
    A4 word processed document of approximately 1500 words. Cover Sheet - containing your name, the module code / name and document word count. Bibliography - referencing books, websites, magazines
    etc used during your research / idea development.

  2. Finished Work
    2 x Double page spreads and 1 x cover (
    front,spine and back) mounted on to 1 piece
    of A1 card / mount board (size permitting, if work is too large then you may put on to 2 boards). Boards must also have your name and the module code / name on them.

  3. Research
    Journals, layout pads, sketch books or blog documenting all work (research, idea development, tasks, session notes). The research should be well annotated and
    explain it
    s impact on your own work. Ensure all journals / layout pads are clearly labelled with your name, module code etc.

  4. CD or Memory Stick
    Containing pdfs of your finished pieces.

  5. Sole Receipt

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