Wednesday, 6 February 2013

GDES3004: 2013 New Cohort

Nice to meet you all today.. Just a few quick reminders discussed in session today and please find attached a copy of the initial research task for discussion next week..

1. London Trip / London Bookfair: Mon Apr 15th
We'll be taking your group (and others) down to London on our usual S2 trip on the above date.. As mentioned, we're bound really by the couple of days that the Book Fair runs in the week then and monday fits the best..

All tutors in Illustration, Graphics, Animation, CDME have now been informed of this trip now. They're expecting you to check to see if there are any clashes with other modules and (if needed..) to get in touch with them to negociate around anything well in advance. In a similar way we've mentioned this trip in wk 1 so that you can do the same for any work commits that may fall on that day too.

There will be a mandatory research exercise set while there at the bookfair - linked to your brief this year. The rest of your day will be your own though. We'll alert you to further details nearer the time. The cost will be the 'standard' £15 RTN - which we've managed to keep the same now for about the last 6x years - great value for a day in London..

2. Initial research task for next week
Please find a reminder of the initial research task attached. I'll be recording who brings back what for my notes when I look around the teams next week..

3. Questions and/or tutorials
If you have any subsequent Q's then do get back and I'll aim to get back to you as soon as able with a 'value for money' reply. As mentioned, I'm happy to give 20 min tutorials if you arrange in advance via e-mail. These can be either face to face or (if you've no other need to travel/spend train or travel fares I can do informally over Skype too).

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