Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Useful Outdoor Ref Book Found

I recently bought a copy of the Pedlars' book of the Great Outdoors which is a great little book and wholly appropriate to mention as a research ref with the Gdes3004 brief in mind.. In it you'll find refs to outdoor activities such as tree climbing, raft building, archery, how to make a catapult as well as loads of other activities.. It's also part recipe book too with loads of simple fireside outdoor recipes that are aimed at children from about 12 upwards and their parents.

Book features (aside from fab contents..) inc: Hardback cover, rounded corners on cover and pages, a 'notes' lined section between each chapter to use as needed and an elasticated strip fastened to the back cover which slips over the whole book to keep it together in transit or rucsack.

Here's a couple of pics.. A great ref text if you're still looking for example content for your spreads (naturally this will relate more to those who are using a slightly older age range as their audience). the illustrations are more oriented to parents and pretty basic as such - this aspect can be made much more dynamic though..

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