Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gdes3004: Nice Examples of Student Roughs - 2014 Cohort

Here's a few quick references to ongoing rough work from students in the latest cohort of the Children's Book Design module. Some really nice early ideas and good research evidenced this week. Notable great rough work from: Polina and Cat, Matt, Rebecca and Zoe.


Andy: Cat you always create a great set of ideas and roughs and this time's no exception.. They're clear, we get an idea of both layout, design/art style as well as additional features. We suggested that you could refine by working on colour/art styles and make sure that you kept up your collection and analysis of a range of supporting research.


Andy: Matt you've pushed the boat out and have started to look into colour, art styles and visual treatments. You'd also got a range of very interesting refs in your research on your blog - I thought the 'woodcut' bold art style of particular interest and could see that it was one of your front runners too. A good early start.

Rebecca Hamilton

Andy: It's clear that you've enjoyed the development process so far here Rebecca. Your initial sketch ideas show promise, are clearly annotated and pay reference to classic characters from the likes of Beatrix Potter - which you aim to use as a narrator/character to support your menu/cooking process. Some good accompanying early research too.


Andy: You're my 'rough work hero' this week Polina. Some really lovely, well thought-through and clever ideas exhibited in your rough work. Some excellent early research undertaken and some clear and in depth annotations so we really see all of your thinking at this point. Some really good initial work - well done..

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