Monday, 3 March 2014

Gdes3004 Wk 5 Blog Task: Make One of Your Chosen Recipes

Here's an example of me documenting myself making the 'Local Food Lunches' Purple Sprouting Broccoli recipe.

Examples of student work returned (this to be added to further):

Hannah Wood

Click to see larger version.
Andy: I think you've worked in some lovely ideas here Hannah. It's clear, the well-numbered steps are clearly separated and legible, the photography is appropriate and compliments the wording well. I really like the focus you've made on food miles and the associated graphical treatment too. A great piece of early work in this genre.

Sarah Kimbrey

Click to see larger version.

Andy: Some great photography here Sarah - lovely short depth of field shots, clear staging of imagery, like the informal-looking annotations too and linking arrows etc. Job well done in respect of this task!

Megan Feeley

Click to see larger version.
Andy: Like the 'polaroid' treatment here Megan and the idea of informally pinning/sticking a recipe to a corkboard etc. Clear staged imagery and you've also managed to summarise the process in the original recipe somewhat too. I think there's room to do this but it may need some kind of user testing to ascertain if the level of detail is still appropriate to effectively tackle the task.. Some nice early work though..

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  1. This looks great - I love the choice of colour, really bright, fun and engaging and cleverly linked to the ingredients. The right amount of info clearly displayed. Nice!