Thursday, 26 February 2015

Gdes2014-3004 Children's Book Design Client Meet with Professor Maggie Andrews

This semester's 'live' Gdes2014-3004 Children's Book Design brief was set this week by both tutor Andy and your client Prof. Maggie Andrews, a renowned specialist in the home front in WW1 and specialist advisor on WW1 to the BBC.

The brief was talked-through in some detail at the meet by both tutor Andy and client Maggie. It was explained that it was based around the lives and experiences of those back in England on "The Home Front" during WW1 and that ultimately preferred student outputs would form a downloadable .pdf e-book and worksheets initially for hand-out to schools in the region.

The brief is similar in nature and scale to last year's module brief and requires yr 2 and 3 students studying children's book design to (1) design working concept front and reverse covers for the book (2) a sample recipe/facts/info spread linked to one of the supplied recipes (yr 3's to develop two of these) (3) a sample work/activity sheet to go with each spread designed/developed. There are some secondary design considerations too - but these (if time allows) are to be attempted after the (above) primary wants are developed effectively.

Brief 'Pack' 2015
The brief has taken a few months to develop and all files mentioned in the briefing are located on the right hand side of this blog as a .zip archive labelled "". Included in these files are:

1. The Final Brief (.pdf) Updated.

2. A WW1 Children's Resources Document with suggestions of various initial research treatments for the genre (.pdf)

3. A WW1 Recipes and Quick References Document that details historical summaries relevant to the title as well as a selection of recipes from the era. (.pdf)

4. Final Display Board (A2)
There is an indication of what we'd expect to see mounted on your final A2 black mount board for final submission on this module (.pdf). This gives an indication of placement for both the primary and secondary elements mentioned in the brief. Updated file. Updated.

Audio recording
The briefing was audio-recorded too and this is available in .mp3 format on the link below. Please bear in mind that this is a large audio file of 15Mb or more though and may take a moment to open/download on slower connections.

[ Click here for .mp3 audio ]

(You may find it easier to 'right click' and download to your desktop to listen to in an audio app).

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