Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gdes2014-3004 Examples of Nice Student Rough Work Ongoing

I thought it useful to showcase a few examples of some nice student rough work (yrs 2 and 3) before you all went off over Easter. I've put a bit of feedback on each of the examples below too so you can see why I think there's some nice ideas here.

Jack Webster, yr 2

Andy Comments
I've been looking over Jack's rough work for a few weeks now on and off since Lynda alerted me to them. Frankly Jack's visualising skills have really come to the fore here and it's helped him start to work out various ideas on paper. Included within this is possible characters, possible colourschemes, possible graphic devices/patterns and how he might start to visualise his recipe spreads. Accompanying all of this (above is just a sample of much more work he has in his layout pad) are also useful notes that he's made next to each sketch - again explaining ideas and making further written suggestions.. In short, an excellent set of working ideas here Jack, I was really, really impressed. The great thing is too that you're getting all the ideas in your head down on paper - which for us is a delight in many ways and it helps us see your staged development of ideas and workings-out before you get to any screen design work. Well done Jack - some excellent thinking.

Lauren Mills, yr 3

Andy Comments
Lauren's roughs are a very different style to Jack's above but even so, Lauren shows both her rough ideas clearly and concentrates more on possible layouts of various elements as well as possible typographic treatments. There's also some quick colour experiments starting to appear on paper as well as early experiments with a theme for the possible book's cover.. To Lauren's great credit, she also details her thoughts and possible ways to expand her ideas on paper much further too via some really clear notes and annotations..

Luma d'Oliveira, yr 3

Andy Comments
I'm afraid I haven't really done Luma's sketch ideas here the most justice (pic-wise) but they are fresh in my mind as we've just had a Skype tutorial to discuss her progress. As you might imagine with Luma she's starting to arrive at some lovely ideas with elements on her spreads in particular as well as recipes. Especially good to hear was Luma's additional research into the topic - looking at the role of scouts and guides in WW1 and how this might materialise into visual ideas.. Some clever thinking here too in terms of graphical and type treatments.. I really love the ideas of having characters and little narratives/stories in particular with Luma's developments. And finally - all of Luma's ideas are backed-up with useful descriptive notes on her rough work so that both she remembers what her thoughts were when she was creating them/comes back to them (and) we as assessors get a clearer idea of her thought processes too.. Some lovely ideas Luma at this stage, I look forwards to seeing them developed further the latter end of Easter hols..

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