Thursday, 5 March 2015

Gdes2014-3004 Learning Week Task - Cook/Document a WW1 Recipe

Thanks to all those who've sent me back the tasks set on weds 25th that were to be finished by end of learning week. We've had a wide variety come back - with many different styles and visual treatments.. I thought I'd highlight a couple of them on a post just to help show some of the work done on the task - especially so if the individual chose one of the slightly more complicated tasks to have a go at..

Jack Webster
Andy feedback
Clear pics, simple but effective annotations, 'kitchen tiling' style background/backdrop.. I especially love the refs to 'mess tins' and your little cameo piece at the footer with the tommies eating/having a banter..

Good quality writing and reflection in support too. You clearly enjoy the experience, document it well and it helps give you an understanding of some of the necessary privations of the home front as well as what can be achieved with simple/few ingredients etc..

Some nice work here Jack that makes for interesting reading.. Well done, well considered, well-actioned as a task..

Sophie Adams

Andy feedback
I like it a lot Sophie.. Especially so the themed typeface use - helps add an element of that era I think.. Clear, staged pics used and associated annotations explaining stages etc. And all from a non-cook as I recall.. Additional thoughts: Especially like the reflection para on your blog where you compare to the modern day etc - great that it's made you think like that - can only help you in getting under the skin of this main module brief I think.. Some nice work here Sophie..

Ally Oliver

Andy feedback
Thanks for that - and well in time deadline-wise too..

That's a lovely quirky treatment of the recipe - which wasn't the simplest on there either so well done on that score.. Lovely, quirky type treatment and informal too - giving the format a nice, accessible feel. Subtle colourscheme with classic spotted tablecloth in the background too - some nice symbolism built in there.. Your pictures are colourful and well thought-through. Clear staging backed-up by clear numbering too. Seems it was a success not just in the making but the tasting too by the looks of your comments..

A great effort here Ally, your work promises mutch!

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