Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Gdes2014/3004 Student Designs Showcased & WW1 Recipes Demonstrated - Malvern Food Festival

Children's Book Design tutor Andy talking about some of the 
student designs for the project.
Showing primary school child Libby how to get those pancakes
just nice and brown on each side before the jam goes on it..

Helping out a willing volunteer in one of the follow-on "have a go" 
WW1-style pancake-making sessions.
Bank holiday monday saw the running of the Great Malvern Food Festival 2015 ~ in which some of the final student design boards from this year's Children's Book Design module(s) were showcased to the public.

Additionally, tutor Andy also talked about you as student groups, the brief set by Professor Maggie Andrews and your book design project project in a pre Food Festival interview on BBC Hereford and Worcester's 'Breakfast Show' with Michael Collie on Sunday 24th May. On the day of the Food Festival Andy then set up and gave two short talks on your project, some 'WW1-style' local jams/honey pancake-making demos and then supervised various children from the audience(s) in "have a go" sessions too..

There was some lovely feedback on the selection of design boards displayed from onlookers - and some who asked for a copy of the .pdf book to be produced from the project. In addition, a number of alumni Graphic Design students attended the demos and asked linked questions too (thanks again Sarah - top questions)..

The project work will be shortlisted to around 10 or so 'preferred' designs from here onwards. Maggie Andrews has a number of uses in mind (aside from the initial .pdf 'sampler' book) and some of these design boards will be used in June for a 6th form conference on WW1 too.

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