Friday, 6 November 2015

Gdes2014 Roughs Deadline & Client Visit

Some nice roughs exhibited for this week's 'roughs' and early research deadline. For those who haven't started to get a body of additional research together/comments then could you make sure you do so please - preferably via posts on your personal development blogs.

Of special note: James' 'comic' style imagery - interesting ideas, Emily Cato - some lovely roughs shown and love the interactive/3D ideas - great notes to help us all understand your thinking at this point too. Harry Cato - some lovely rough ideas exhibited on your blog and (again) some great helpful notes too.. April - some great early research on your blog shown and nice early ideas too. Grace - nice early thinking, you definitely win the 'most curious' research findings award for this week's session though..

A couple of quick pics of your clients talking to you in situ in the teaching room.

Client Steve Boffy talking to Grace and Ieva..

Client Katy Boom talking to Margarett and Liam about early thinking and ideas.
Client feedback
Initial feedback from clients was good and they were really interested in the range of your initial ideas and thinking.. They'll be back in a few weeks time to overlook the 'prototypes' stage with luck too when your ideas will be further developed.

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