Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Gdes2014 Prototypes Session

Some nice further work shown today by students on the module. This week we looked at and fed back to students on their early on screen work. We also gave students a refresher in both simple 'mobile' creation from 2D paper sources as well as simple children's origami techniques - which mirror the '3D artifact' requirement of the brief.

Here's some pictures from the session:

Prototypes activities and feedback to students:

Paulina & Ieva look over Margarett's design work

Liam, Emily & Harry vote with their feet as to which work they prefer.

Mobiles and origami creation:

Margarett & Harry during the mobiles workshop.

Grace & tutor Andy talk through mobiles workshop devts.

Examples of some of the afternoon's outputs.

Ieva and Kirsty's mobile made during the session.

Grace & Connor's mobile creations..

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