Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Gdes2014 Wk 4 - 'Live' Client Briefing 2016

Client Rob talking through some sample bushcraft resources..

 A huge thanks to client Rob Delahay from UW's new 'Lakeside Campus' (what was the 'Top Barn' site) who came in to talk through the requirements of this semester's 'live' Children's Book Design brief today. 

This semester's brief is linked to the new site's development and specifically the wish of the client to start to develop facilities and content to support the "Children's Bushcraft" facilities on site there. Children's Book Design students will be researching, developing and outputting a set of working concepts for an eActivity book based around Children's Bushcraft activities and learning opportunities on site.

As with previous such projects, the aim will be to utilise one or more of the final student outputs to form the actual eResource used on site. A fantastic opportunity for those students involved and potentially a great 'live' portfolio piece for students to discuss at interviews too.

Download the briefing MP3 Audio (90MB) [here

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