Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gdes2014 Early Research, London Bookfair Sign Up & Grids Refresher

We had some good discussions this week around early research done for the 'live' brief linked to children's bushcraft activities at the new UW Lakeside site. In addition, I showed 3 short videos that talked about 'Forest Schools' from the perspective of: the children's Activities, the BBC linking this to academic learning abilities and improvements in concentration and Anna S also found an excellent overview video from Richard Louv - as mentioned in the brief's introduction.

Introduction to 'Forest Schools' (rem this is a brand name for a company that supplies these courses):

 Surrey Council's Forest Schools Initiative.

BBC News snippet talking about the importance of children's outdoor learning:

Richard Louv Video

The London Bookfair 2016


All students who attended today's session signed-up for their free entry to the 2016 London Bookfair for when we go to London on Apr 13th. the process covers a couple of pages of web forms but once you've completed all required fields (starred 'red' on the form) you should end up at the checkout with '£0.00'.. You will need this to get in to the Bookfair - it's £50 each if you forget to do this and try to get in on the day.

To book your ticket go to the website and follow the step by step instructions under 'buy your ticket'. Keep saying that you're a student and in education and if you've done it correctly then (as with those in session) it should be free at the end of the process. If not then you'll need to go back through the process and check each point to be sure again.

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