Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gdes2014 Student Visit to the London Bookfair 2016

We took our cohort of yr 2 Children's Book Design students to see the latest developments in children's books at the London Bookfair this week.. A fantastic opportunity for students studying the discipline to see the scale of the world's publishing industry as it all gathers together under one roof in London.

Students were asked to look around stalls and undertake a small research task on site linked to 'innovations' in children's books that they'd found. In addition to the latest in Children's Book Developments, students could also sit in on free talks and listen to industry professionals - designers, illustrators, authors etc talk about their own experiences and how they saw the industry developing in future years.

Here's a selection of quick photos from the visit:

Graphic design students on the Children's Book Design module look over
one of the vast halls full of the world's publishing industry's stalls.

One of the many free panel discussions with industry professionals - this one
focusing on the role of design and illustration within children's books
and 'is the book dead?' etc. Fascinating listen..

Just one of the many colourful stalls at the bookfair promoting
individual children's publishers.

Some of the many freebies and materials that we
picked up from the exhibition & stalls.

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