Thursday, 27 October 2016

Gdes2014 Visit to the National Archives/Clients

Friday 21st of October saw our group go down to the National Archives at Kew, nr Richmond for a day of workshops and discussions about this semester's 'live' brief.

The brief's been set by staff at the National Archives and aims by collaboration to help develop a working prototype eActivity Book around the subject of 'Significant People in History'.. The final outputs from this semester's cohort will be looked over by the clients who will then choose their favourite spreads or work to go into an acrual .pdf eBook that they hope to use with visiting families as part of their 'Archives Inspire' initiative.

Here's a few pictures from the day's visit and activities:

Students listen to archives staff discuss the brief - see the table with
some amazing artifacts on it - including Elizabeth 1's Wax Seal!

Archives staff discuss Key stage 1 level work examples.

A chartist pamphlet linked to William Cuffay.

An SOE Agent's salary book & mission letter.

Students look on in one of the exhibitions at the Archives.

The Great Fire of London Game.. Students were given an example
on how a Key stage 1 class would look.
Archives staff explain about each of the 10x individuals students can
choose from on this brief.

Archives staff explain the significance of Florence Nightingale
(her journal is on the table here).

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