Sunday, 20 November 2016

Gdes2014 1-1 Tutorials With Lynda & Andy

These tutorials are informal but mandatory, we’ll be adding our findings from these to our marking notes per person. They will last 10 minutes each as we have so many students to see during session time.

Key things we’ll want to see evidence of (blog posts, sketches, notes etc):

1.    Blog posts & sketchbooks with a mix of session refs, research findings + your own notes on these and evidence of your sketch devts over the last couple of weeks + your notes on these.

2.    Your final decisions with sketch ideas + your notes on these.

3.    Your forecast of what you’ll have the following week when we have our ‘prototypes deadline’ with early work on screen underway.

Katie Bryant
9.30am - Andy
Megan Chiossi
9.30am - Lynda
Laura Cottle
9.45am - Andy
Ollie Davis
9.45am - Lynda
Katie Dolan
10.00am - Andy
Caz Durston
10.00am - Lynda
Michael Finch
10.15am - Andy
Charlotte Halliday
10.15am - Lynda
Beth Hawthorne
10.30am - Andy
Kersti Heido
10.30am - Lynda
Kirby Jennings
11.00am - Andy
Holly Leak
11.00am – Lynda
Zoe Marriner
11.15am - Andy
Dan Mills
11.15am – Lynda
Dannii Newman
11.30am – Andy
Gen Oheneampong
11.30am – Lynda
Megan Osbourne
11.45am – Andy
Laura Paice
11.45am – Lynda
Sophy Pickering
12.00pm - Andy
Ashley Poyner
12.00pm – Lynda
Dani Shaw
12.15pm – Andy
Laura Thompson
12.15pm – Lynda
Darrin Tucker
12.30pm – Andy
Maddie Tunstall
12.30pm – Lynda
Liam Turner
12.45pm – Andy
Jack Vaughan
12.45pm - Lynda
Ele Watson
1.00pm - Andy
James Watson
1.00pm - Lynda

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