Sunday, 13 November 2016

Gdes2014 - Quick Rough Work Examples & Live Skype Discussions

Our last session included a 'live' Skype discussion and Q+A session with clients as well as both learning team and tutor feedback on sketches supplied for the 'roughs deadline'.. 

Here's a few quick examples of some of these rough ideas to date linked to the National Archives brief. As a comparison, I've also added a couple of examples of student rough work from 2015 when we created our WW1 Home Front eActivity Book (that the National Archives used over the summer for on site activites).

Sample student roughs 2016

Some interesting early ideas for activities from Kirby. Good too as these
have been based on both a range of research and a knowledge of
how children learn from our previous week's session.

Some good early ideas from Zoe linked to her characters. After talking to Zoe
I think she was keen to evolve these further having listened to others
in her learning team discuss their ideas and next steps.

Dannii's early ideas and some great initial thinking on characters here. These
ideas received some very positive feedback from both learning team
peers and also the tutors. good early thinking here..

Michael's early ideas - utilising maps and infographics such as
timelines. I liked the individual quotes aspect of these too.
Sample student roughs 2015

Student Jack's early roughs at deadline. Some nice early refs to
both colours and characters.

Student Luma's early roughs - utilising a 'scrapbook' format idea.

Student Lauren's early examples at rough deadline. Some initial thinking
on colour use starting to come in here too.

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