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Gdes2014 Tutorials Feedback

Thanks to all those who came along to last week's in-session mandatory tutorials. Lynda and I sat and looked at progress with the majority of you and fed-back/made suggests where able too. 

Our general pointers to you all after tutorials:
1. Tip! Make sure the National Archives features in the work, either by getting the children to research their website for info (tricky with KS1 - lots of wordy documents), or including photos from their site where possible.
2. Tip! Remember to have the 2 logos (Nat Archives and UW) on the front and back cover. For rough positionals, these can be grabbed from Google images but we will source .eps or .pdf versions for you nearer the time you're creating final artworks.

Tip! Use InDesign for assembling your final pages (this is why we laid on InDesign tutorials to make sure all were able with basics), creating images/diagrams etc in Illustrator and/or Photoshop and then importing them into your final InDesign pages/spreads.

Tip! Remember to print out and check the actual size of your layout and make sure it works in practice (make sure space for writing etc).
4. Tip! 'Activity Pages' which use cut-outs or folding features are to be put on separate A4 print-out sheets so that they can be used without 'spoiling' any printed colour info sheets or spreads you create.

Tip! If you haven't already, then we'd really expect a number of posts showing that you've checked-out KS1 materials online and some comments as to what you made of them and how you think these might/or have influenced your own ideas etc..

Tutorials Feedback
As an additional aide to your feedback we thought it's be useful to try to put a quick line of feedback next to as many of your names at this point in time as possible too (below). Please check it all out if you need a reminder of the conversations had with us.

Lynda's Tutorials:

Those who missed their mandatory tutorials with Lynda (& didn't send a courtesy mail in advance to explain):
Ollie Davis, Caz Durston, Holly Leak, Laura Thompson and Maddie Tunstall

Charlotte Halliday
Some lovely work with ideas in place for the cover and lots of layouts working well for activities with extra options for fast workers or take home activities. She is going to submit her work in English and Welsh so a great USP there. The Welsh text will be checked/proof read by a former teacher - so great to have that professional approach. Will need to bear in mind the requirement to work in InDesign ultimately as possibly wasn't made clear in discussions..

Dan Mills
Some nice paper craft ideas. Needs to prototype to check it’s working as intended. Great cover with nice illustration - nicely en route, add logos and continue theme onto a back cover.

Gen Oheneampong
Still has a fair bit to do but on track. Ideas finalised - good, ready to get onto layouts.

Kersti Heido
Unfortunate crashing laptop, we're hoping the word doc can be retrieved to turn into a blog. Good example of why blog is preferable here, saved in the clouds (and not on hard drive).
Almost there with activity ideas - needs to finalise Florence ideas. Cover to do, some way way to go yet.

Laura Paice
Lovely blog all up to date. Good research. Some initial confusion re how to best pull ideas together for the 3 people - but hopefully now clearer. Cover still to do. Nice illustration ideas.

Ele Watson
Layouts done for booklet to house activites for chosen 3 people. Suggested getting the children to research if poss, rather then providing (all) the info. Ideal user testing potential through sister who is primary teacher and after school club where Ele works. Lots of activity ideas for kids to colour in, add patterns etc. Suggested some ‘role play’ scenarios for plenary activity. Next step is to work up layouts in InDesign. Good blog with lots of research.

Jack Vaughan
Again, suggsted getting children to be more proactive in ‘finding out’, nice activity ideas with cutting out and rescuing Elizabeth from the tower! Remember to print out layouts and check space available for 5-7 years olds for tasks. Slightly sophisticated text on cover - reminded Jack to check out KS1 covers for reference and make sure this evidenced on his journal blog as research too.

Andy's Tutorials

Those who missed their mandatory tutorials with Lynda (& didn't send a courtesy mail in advance to explain):
Michael Finch

Kate Bryant
To check out Noor Khan’s YouTube Videos.. Some really lovely character devt work here. Make sure that has good x-section of KS1 refs in research too from different sources.. Kate has a younger brother 7yrs to test on + his mates so has a user testing plan in hand..
Laura Cottle
Check out YouTube Videos on Noor Khan. Some good initial ideas underway now and Laura has a plan for the Prototypes session. Needs to add content to blog as it is at present a bit 'thin' (but Laura is aware of this). The blog really needs more: research findings, primary and secondary.. Also needs KS1 refs and Laura's comments on these to help show that she has explored this direction too. Needs ref to Archives visit and (ideally) pics as per other students' blogs. Thinking about dyslexic readers - a great angle with some additional thinking that would be used if elements were taken further than this project to interactive elements too..
Katie Dolan
Has set of content coming together - inc. some good early cross sections of key buildings linked to Shakespeare - but needs to add all of this to blog posts and add her own (expansive) comments.. Some lovely early character devt ongoing in sketch form and in ills form. Explained about the mix of Archives photos and illustrations on page..
Beth Hawthorne
Good blog contents and work coming on, useful notes from Beth on these too, nice sketches in sketchbook at present. Needs to pull it all together now on the blog/scan sketches. Has mum who’s a TA - can user test so has a user test battle plan too - good. 

Kirby Jennings
Kirby to check out WW1 eCookbook on Module Blog for ref and style guides..
Good work evidenced here across media, definitely heading in the right direction, good sketches and staged devt of these. Suggested that Kirby make sure there’s a mix of National Archives images as well as any illustrations on spreads etc..

Zoe Marriner
Good progress here in sketch form and on to digital in ilustrador etc. Good early prototype work that Zoe should be pelase with. Sugegsted that Zoe make sure add to add all refs to blog and to have a mix of Archives pies as well as illustrations.

Dani Newman
Good visual progress, in process of digitizing her sketches. Has some really good content and research on her blog - and with ref links used too (good work).. Will have further visual progress evident next session in readiness for the ‘prototypes’ deadline.

Sophy Pickering
Good practical work evidenced here - some really lovely cut outs especially - great effect. Blog coming along too - but needs to add more content research-wise and KS1-wise (especially visual refs) with her own thoughts added to this too.

Dani Shaw
Good work ongoing, sketch devts coming along but have advised more Key Stage 1 examples on blog + analysis of to help make her research broader evidenced… Some good blog content though but tends to be more visual initially and then mainly typed latter posts - ideally keep a mix of visual as well as written thoughts here..

Liam Turner
Good work evident with early and recent blog posts - good write-ups and notes on these especially. Needs more Key stage 1 refs and analysis on his blog though ideally to help make more rounded still. Has already started to do early screen mock ups so progress is good at this time..

Darrin Tucker
Darrin has some quick line sketches starting to appear at this time in his sketchbook but these seem a little thinner on the ground than many of his peers' work at this stage that we've seen. Darrin has made a start on his blog but acknowledges that there's a lot of content he still needs to add to make it a rounder blog - especially so research-wise and KS1-wise + his own comments and thoughts. Darrin's promised to have more completed and worked through by the 'prototypes' deadline in the next session.

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