Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gdes2014 Peer Assessment, Optional Tutorials & Final Hand In

Peer Assessment and onwards
Our last session pre the Christmas break saw students 'peer assessing' each other's work thus far. With luck this will have given you each additional valuable feedback on top of that given by peers, tutors and your clients via Skype chats in previous weeks of the module.

Peer Assess Quick Ref Pics
I only managed to grab  a few quick ref pics in this session but have put a few images below of Sophy's lovely paper cut outs and Zoe's dynamic, colourful spreads as they stand at the moment.

Intricate cut-out characters as created by Sophy for her work to date.

One of two quick ref pics of Zoe's work to date. Lovely
character development here and ideas for activities.

The second of two quick refs to Zoe's work to date.
Optional tutorials after the break
We're back tues 3rd January and I thought I'd offer-up 'first-come/ first-served' tutorials one day this week as a final set of additional feed-in and help to you.

These tutorials will be informal, around 20 mins long and can either be 1-1 in the DAC at UW (or) via Skype if you wish to help save you a journey and money travelling etc. The date/times are as follows:

Wed 4th January:
  • 10.30am > 10.50am
  • 11am > 11.20am
  • 11.30am > 11.50am
  • 12 midday > 12.20pm
  • 12.30pm > 12.50pm: Booked - Genevieve Ohene Ampong

Final Hand-In: Friday 13th Jan, 11am > Midday
As mentioned on both the brief and your timetable, hand-in will be from 11am > 12 midday in the usual room. We'll aim to display all final design boards during that time (please check your brief for the requirements on hand-in). Additionally, we're hoping that your clients from the National Archives can be free to join us for that period to see final work in situ and also to chat to students who've worked on the project..

You'll be expected to provide:
1. Your final design board with elements on it (see brief docs for details).
2. Your final 1500 word reflective report. (I'll send top tips/details in an e-mail re this).
3. Your completed research and development journal blog (with research, devts, visits, session refs that have influenced you, sketches from rough to refined etc).
4. Any sketch books you wish to submit (ideally with notes explaining what's what on there).
5. Your printed SOLE submission sheet (loose so we can put them all in an envelope and send to our admin folks please.
6. A CD or memory stick with the following:
- Your final InDesign file(s) for your spreads.
- Any supporting Photoshop or Illustrator files that you've brought into your final InDesign file(s).
- Ideally a separate .pdf of each of your final spreads. 
- A separate folder which shows earlier devt work which you worked on (but may have changed your mind about etc after feedback).

• I'll send further details/reminders of the above in an e-mail to you all too.

Otherwise.. Have a great Christmas! See you afterwards.. :)

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