Friday, 24 November 2017


Some great experimentation on paper with layout ideas, possible type treatments and colour combinations.
Great to see some lovely rough ideas coming together this week in our Children's Book Design sessions. The students have now all had feedback on Q's from their client and individual chats with their tutor this week. 

Next week students will be bringing in their refined ideas so that they have one final set of possible treatments for their TNA brief work. In addition, there'll be further feedback on hand via informal 'Skype Talks' with their clients.


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  2. (Reply from design lecturer Andy)
    Ah that sounds interesting.. I've had a quick look at your site and there seems some interesting titles across a diverse range of subjects too. As an aside, we've a small studennt group studying this same area Feb 2018 > Mid May 2018 and we're looking to see if we can evolve a 'live' brief for them to help develop concepts for by mid May.. I'm not sure if a collaboration might be of interest, but we'd be open to ideas if it were something you might consider.. Happy to talk further..