Thursday, 9 November 2017

Gdes2014 Visit to the National Archives

Students on the Children's Book Design module visited the National Archives at Kew, London this week to meet their clients: Rachel Hillman and Hanah Carter of the National Archives Education Team. 

They have been tasked with developing concept spreads and cover artwork for a new National Archives Key Stage 2/3 level eBook based around artifacts and documents on site. This will be the second eBook our students have helped create - with the first one being about Significant People from the past.

Here's a few pictures from the workshops and amazing site tour had:

The main entrance as seen from our workshop room.

Hannah Carter introduces students to the Archives and what it holds.

Rachel Hillman talking through artifacts - in this case Jack the Ripper's letters to the police!

Students and staff listening in to the Key Stage 2/3 workshop.

Examining artifacts - some of which were huge and took two people to lift them.

Looking over WW2 Propoganda Posters

Hannah Carter talks through typical KS 2/3 learning methods.

The medieval 'Chertsey Map'.

Artifacts: King Henry VIII's wax seal.

Artifacts: The original 'Dear Boss' letter reputed to be from Jack the Ripper to a London newspaper.

Students listen in to the KS 2/3 teaching demo.

Students being shown the various areas behind the scenes where the documents were housed.

Row upon row upon row of documents held behind the scenes.

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