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Here's a few top tips that could help you present your work for effectively and neatly for assessment.

• (Children's Book Design guys) we've said 'black A2' display board ideally, but we can (via negociation with the tutors) be slightly flexible on that ask if you feel it's crucial. So (for example) if you feel that you need an A1 board then talk to us and tell us why you feel this is preferred for you. Additionally,  if you have white display board then (again) tell us why and we'll get back to you on a case by case basis.

The Children's Book Design 'display board' guide file this year:

(For anyone) Good examples of previous student A2 display boards:

All have:
• Well aligned pictures/imagery & descriptions (see ref below for further details/tips).
• Clear titles, student names and descriptions on the front so we can easily understand at a glance.
• If a black board, then make sure that your titles and text are printed white on black and then fixed on the board aligned with an edge of an image (like the ones below).

Our general top tips:
• If you can, create an A2 document (Photoshop or similar) with all of your brief's graphic elements placed within it + the titles, names and descriptions. This way you can neatly align all and space them carefully on screen - this could save you lots of time cutting out and manually aligning design elements (see ref below for further details/tips).
• If you're planning to print A2 then save your file as a high res .pdf (RGB, 150 dpi or above at A2 size) and run this out via the technicians and their A2 colour printer in their office (for details contact: or
-- N.B. If the colour A2 printer isn't working in the DAC, then you'll need to default back to the standard colour laser printer (it'll run A4 or A3 pages) upstairs in the building and cut out your various design elements instead..
• Plan all this ahead so that you don't have to rush it at the last minute or get stuck in a last minute queue.
• (Children's Book Design) You don't HAVE to print everything at A4 here (as long as the files you supply us with are A4) - if you need to reduce a spread so that your elements all fit on A2 then that (as long as it's a clear printout) is fine.

The basics..

Previous Children's Book Design Boards

Other previous A2 student mount board examples (White)

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